Family photo session

Family day out – you, your partner & your kids.. How would you like to remember this precious time? Family lifestyle photo session in your favourite park with your favourite people is the best you can do. Leave your mobile and selfies and be in the moment with your kids and I will take care of your beautiful memories.

Lifestyle photo session can be done in your favourite place – park, forest, playground or even your garden. It’s where you like to spend time with your family and where you feel comfortable. It’s your time with your loved ones.

While you will have fun with your kids, I will take care of pictures. Easy as that. We take posed and not posed pictures which will be perfect for your family album and will reflect your fun family day. Images will be printed (Included in the session) and ready to be framed. I heard that family picture hanged on the wall can boost child self-esteem. Great way to show our kids their belonging in the family constellation.

Have a look on below gallery of family day in the park where we decided to take posed pictures informal way.

Why do you need family photo session?

In this paragraph I’ll explain you why this is important for you. Firstly family photo session is a great day out for you all, your day is fun and bonding. Secondly your kids will remember it forever as You will have beautiful framed prints on your wall to remind them how fun it was Thirdly – you have to many selfies with your kids and pictures of your kids in your mobile – you need candid photographs with your kids. Fourthly – your kids are growing so fast and you .. well you are growing as well 😉 so this is your time to get those family pictures taken. Because it will be different next year or in two years. Lat’s make time for this special day to celebrate family connection and make those beautiful memories. And I’ll help you to make as much you can from that day.

Contact me for outdoor family session today ! (Because Your Cloud will be full of not printed family selfies )

    we also took some pictures with deer – while in Pheonix Park.

    Each county has some beautiful landscapes and hidden gems – please show me them I’m happy to travel (after restrictions will be eased) – for now Co Cavan Co Longord Co Leitrim . Hope to see you soon

    If you are not sure where to go it might help