Back to School Ireland

Each School Year is different and thats the chance to get Back to School photographs taken in Primary and Secondary Schools in Ireland. Those photos can be professional and affordable. In addition those images can be beautiful and be memorable image of your kids childhood.

This Year is difficult and different. Since March 2020 we are all struggling, let’s give some normality to our life and get those pictures taken next year. Of course I’m looking forward to take those pictures in many schools but our future is uncertain and lockdown can last for a while.

However I look into the future with full positivity. Hoping for photo adventure in each school. If no pictures will be taken in September your school can book different time of the year as well. As everything is unpredictable. Photoshoot day can be done any day of the year.

The most important – kids will have amazing photoshoot day and parent’s will be happy with prints. Images are high quality and it will be piece of art for their homes. I often hear that those photographs are different then the ones they got before. I put a lot’s of work in editing, as I’m the mom and I’d love to have professional photographs on my walls. Kids would love to see them on the walls – believe me 🙂

Have a look on below gallery – photographs of siblings – amazing memorable images.

Portraits / Photographs can be done in any educational establishment in Ireland. Contact me if you wish more details and we can arrange free Zoom consultation.

3 easy steps for the Photo Day booking

Firstly – Contact me

Secondly – I’ll send you all details about Photo Day in Your School

Thirdly – Book me as Your Photographer you won’t regret it.