School portraits Junior & Senior infants

First day at school – first year as Junior infant is a milestone in our little one’s life. New place, new friends, new teacher. Suddenly our little one becomes bigger and more responsible. Seeing our kids growing is something you want to remember; there is something special to me about seeing how my kids change each year.

Just look how much she has changed since last year!

I have tons of pictures of my own kids on my phone and computer. I print some during the year, but admittedly not so many. However, a hard copy of photos is something special for my kids; they love to touch and look at the pictures, they take big boxes of prints and spend hours asking where we went and what we did. Printed copies of school pictures can be used in yearly scrap books (if you fancy making one for them) or just get the memory box with all precious souvenirs – I have one for each of my kids and I know they will appreciate it one day. Below you can see some of junior and senior infants photos – a bit different from conventional school pictures.