School portraits priceless awkward memories ?

In many schools, a photographer comes in every year to take pictures of our little ones. We may decide to buy the pictures or not. Sometimes they look a bit awkward, but how priceless they gonna be in few years! We take so many pictures of our kids these days that we don’t even notice when they are in secondary school or university. The only thing I can tell you as a photographer is that people have a very bad habit of never printing those thousands of free digital images that they have, which is sad, as holding a printed photograph for our kids is a big thing. When you look at the printed pictures they bring back memories – priceless feeling for our kids 😊.
The annual photoshoot at school can sometimes be a bit awkward for some kids, but we can change it. I bring some props for the kids to hold and ask them some questions – most of them are very curious and engage in conversation. I try to make this day as much fun it can be 🙂. I get to know them better to get some smiles or an angry face (that stage is temporary don’t worry)! I ask them about some countries on the globe and show them how to use abacus. Pictures seem to be more natural when they try to look up where is Ireland on the globe 🙂 or how to count to 10 on abacus. They don’t always look at the camera, but pictures still look natural and candid. We make silly face picture too.
So, let me show you some of my work: