School Photographer Ireland

If you are looking for school photographer in Ireland. That’s the perfect place. I’m based in Co Cavan but I cover Ireland (after restrictions will be eased)

On below photographs you can see friends and siblings on school photography session.

Friends for live, or only for school years? Sibling definitely for life though 🙂 Are siblings friends for life? 

Friends can be for life, or only for school years…siblings definitely for life though 🙂 I really like the memories of past classmates & friends. It’s fun to look at the pictures and say “I remember when….”. I don’t have very many pictures with my friends when I was a kid but those which are in my old albums mean a lot to me. Over years when our kids grow, they have best friends and have fun at school and I want to preserve some of those memories in the pictures. How cool will it be for our kids to look back on old pictures with their besties and laugh? Pictures are natural, some posed; depends on how the kids want it. We have a variety of props like glasses and apples to have some giggles during the session. Some friends stay in our lives forever while some are only there for some time but it’s so nice to have some small memory of those school years.

Siblings on other hand are with us forever and to have those sibling pictures in our family photo collection is priceless; our kids will look back and remember those awesome times when love and hate was their daily thing. The bond our kids share as siblings can be a unique, life-long source of comfort and friendship. Let’s get those precious memories printed at least once a year! I hope you get the same special feeling from my pictures – that those small moments with friends and siblings are very special.

If you are looking for school photographer in Ireland contact me and we can arrange Zoom consultation where I can explain all the details.