Secondary School Portraits

Secondary school is another milestone in our (not so little anymore) one’s life. As your child moves from primary to secondary school he/she faces a period of great change and transition. Through my pictures, I try to show your ‘little’ one’s transition into a new stage of life – they’ll soon be independent! I have to say, school pictures are priceless. Some of my most nostalgic (and awkward) childhood photos are from school! I believe they’ll be a must for my little guys when they get to that age!
Are teenagers easier or harder to photograph? Some of them will be awkward in front of the camera, while some are very open. It all depends of the day I suppose. I try to engage pupils into the conversation about themselves to show me their silly, bold and shy sides. Some of them can be a challenge but I definitely encourage everyone to get these pictures done before the young ones hide and refuse to take them 🙂 You can see some of my previous photographs below.